We will make sure

your bricks arrive

On site and On time

It started in Landsdowne (Cape Town), circa 1975, with a horse and cart, laborious dedication and a clear vision. Our initial focus was to supply and transport concrete bricks and blocks to the general public in a professional manner.

Since then, we have taken the initiative of manufacturing our own range of concrete bricks and blocks so we can better moderate the prices we are able to offer. Our experience of the building industry and our keen sense for superior quality, gives us an edge in terms of what we can manufacture and thus, the quality we can offer you.

We believe in offering only quality, serving you in the simplest, most cost effective, efficient way possible and to do so with utter professionalism and genuine concern for your experience as our customer.


We believe in honesty and integrity. We believe in quality. We believe in simplicity. These are the core values that underpin all our engagements. We do so by holistically ensuring that our staff and stakeholders are happy and willing to go the distance, so you never have to.

We urge you to test our promise. Connect with our sales consultants and allow them to simplify your task, save you money (by calculating your needs with minimal excess) and educate you on how to ensure your builder delivers.

Andrew & Christina Cloete