Social Responsibility

Our journey has been a blessing to everyone involved. Our truly humble beginnings has made the difference and has guided every decision we have made as a business. As actual people, this extends to the fortunate involvement of myself and particular staff members in various community initiatives. Our work is carried out in Bridgetown, Cape Town, where everything began. The more we engage with the people still living there, the more we are reminded of where we came from, the challenges people face and most importantly, what our duties now are.

Our participation is fourfold. We are actively involved in three initiatives and we also sponsor another:

  • The Silver Linings Project, is one in which we help the men of various households cope, find hope and create solutions to issues of unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse and gangsterism.

  • The Lamp Post Project is an initiative in which we congregate on street corners or potentially problematic areas, beneath street lights. Our goal here is to feed, listen, converse and help figure out various social issues and ultimately encourage and help members of the community to overcome these.

  • Men's Ministry is another initiative in which we assemble a group of breadwinners, young men and new fathers in praise and worship. Involvement stretches wide. The fellowship extends beyond any particular Christian denomination and is also open to anyone wanting to learn more about the faith.

  • Our sponsorship is directed at the Silver Spurs Football Club, where we provide the means for young footballers to explore and master their skill and understanding of the game, as an alternative to gangsterism, drugs and alcohol abuse. We also sponsor the men's over 35 and over 40 teams, creating a space for fellowship.